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IT Procurement

IT Procurement Services

Managing your IT needs is both crucial and complex, and IT procurement is a big part of meeting your needs and operating within budget. Smart Choice Solutions Limited is a leading authority for strategic IT procurement in jamaica. We have the expertise to help you select the best possible hardware and software solutions for your business at the best price. And we have the resources and experience to deliver a smooth, convenient implementation. Whether you’re opening a new branch, rolling out upgrades or managing the ongoing refresh of your technology infrastructure, no one knows IT procurement better than Smart Choice Solutions Limited

hardware installation

Technology changes. Really, really quickly.

Our hardware installation solutions can get you running at full speed on new or upgraded hardware, with little to no downtime. we give our clients hardware installation services that work for their business and their budget.​

Trust our trained and fully certified experts to do the job completely the first time, and avoid having to tell people, It’s still new and we’re working the bugs out. We can also train your staff on how to fully use and get the most out of any new hardware. This ensures you’re getting the full benefit of what you spent on the hardware, and on us.

Cable installation

Structured Cabling

The backbone of all communications technology is built upon the cable systems that snake through office buildings, data centers, and communication networks. Network Cabling Services, Inc. (NCS) specializes in the installation of structured cabling for voice and data (Cat-3, Cat-5, Cat-6 and fiber optic multimode and single-mode), and cable for audio, video systems and paging systems. With a structured cabling system, a majority of network downtime, 70% of which often result from a traditional cabling system, can be eliminated.

We partner with our customers to complement their voice and data communications with structured cabling systems. Whether it’s just to install a few cables or to design and implement a structured network cabling system throughout an entire building, NCS will work with you to complete the job quickly and professionally.

IT Outsourcing Services

Access to the Fully Managed Network Operations Center team for preventative maintenance issues deployed to Workstations, Servers, Network Devices and/or our Service Desk Team for user-initiated IT issues and questions.